Class Description

This course is specifically designed to help the new or current Brigade or Line Officer or Administrative Officer to be successful as they begin or continue their term or appointment as an Officer. This course will reinforce and introduce the legal requirements, relationship building, management disciplines, leadership skills, planning and other essential requirements to be successful. This is a break from the normal leadership classes. You will be given the basic knowledge and tools you need to become an effective leader in the fire service.

Student Needs: Pen/Pencil and notebook

PRE-REQUISITES: Student should be a Brigade or Line Officer

CLASS LIMIT: 30 students

Class Location

Crawford County Fairgrounds
13291 Dickson Rd
Meadville, PA 16335

Class Details

Dates: Sept 9-10, 2023

Times: 8:00 – 17:00 Sa, Su

Hours: 16 hrs


JC Tedorski profile

J.C. Tedorski
Fire Chief at City of Arnold, Executive Director of Western PA Firemen's Association