Class Description

This course will introduce the student to basic fire chemistry, characteristics of flammable liquids, parameters of combustion, and extinguishment techniques using dry chemical, water, and foam on live flammable liquid fires.

Prerequisite: ELIF or EBM or FFI certification, and current HMO or HMOR—copy of certificate for one of the prerequisites and HazMat to be sent with registration.

Class Limit: 24 students

Student Needs: Pen/pencil, notebook, TOG and SCBA with spare cylinder


Class Location

Crawford/Venango Fire School Grounds
Across from 24817 Ridge Road
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403

Class Details

Dates: Sept 9-10, 2023

Times: 8:00 – 17:00 Sa, Su

Hours: 16 hrs


Rick Robie
Past Fire Chief, Erie Int'l Airport; Suppression Local Level Instructor for PA State Fire Academy